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The Survival Blog

Useful Survival Guides and Tips


Initially, requires people to prepare themselves for all kinds of disasters including natural disasters, social disasters, man-made disasters, financial disasters, as well as global pandemics. Although the core concept of remains the same, survivalism has seen drastic changes from its original meaning. Today, survivalists choose to challenge themselves both mentally and physically in different environments. They test their ability to survive outdoors or in the jungle where many cannot survive.


Survival preparedness is the most overlooked aspects of any outdoor adventure or disaster. It does not matter your level of experience or the profession you are in, you may be forced into a survival situation at some point in life. survivalism mainly focuses on preparedness. A survivalist will learn to prepare for harsh urban survival situations and extreme wilderness conditions. Essentially, you should have the ability to survive both the wilderness and disasters in a city. The following are useful survival guides and tips.


A significant number of people opt to buy a survival backpack and then personalize it. Many of them find this to be less expensive in the long run and with better quality survival gadgets. The average survival kit will include a water purification system, signaling gear, medical supplies, food, high-quality survival knife, some sort of shelter, clothing, and fire starters.You can then add extra things you feel are necessary. Make sure you search carefully to find the best survival kit available.


You will want to make a survival gadgets list beforehand in order to ensure that you get a survival backpack with all the items you need. Always remember that regardless of where you are, keeping warm and dry is the key to Survivalism.


Having the necessary survival gear can make recreation in the outdoors very pleasurable. However, a smart outdoor enthusiast will have a backup plan, which is obtaining proper survival skills and basic first aid skills.


Jungle survival can be one of the most challenging adventures of all time. While engaging in wilderness adventure and being with nature can be a great experience; the jungle may not be just about exploration, sightseeing, and having fun. If you desire to venture and keep alive staying there, then you should have the right survival skills. Plan ahead and train yourself all the skills you feel you may need. It is also important that you challenge yourself by testing what you know under controlled circumstances and determine the flaws in your disaster skills. Take time to master your skills.


Having a good emergency plan is also an important factor in surviving a disaster. When disaster strikes, it is certainly not the best time to try making arrangements and figuring out what to do. An emergency plan will ensure that you know exactly what to expect and what to do.


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